How Can Construction Workers Avoid OSHA Fines?

How Can Construction Workers Avoid OSHA FinesHow Can Construction Workers Avoid OSHA Fines?

One of the top OSHA violations, especially within the New Jersey construction industry, is lockout/tagout abuse. Lockout/tagout refers to the need to shut down heavy machinery and equipment before performing any routine maintenance or service. The cost of violating such a procedure? Up to $7,000. Of course, construction firm owners can financially protect themselves from injury damages with the right New Jersey Construction Workers Compensation policy, however avoiding OSHA fines all together is surely the ideal goal of construction workers.

One of the best ways to potentially avoid OSHA violations and fines is by being prepared. Generally, OSHA will not visit a job site without a good reason. If your construction site is visited, it would usually be due to a fatality or serious accident, employee complaint of unsafe conditions, and a follow-up inspection. Maintaining appropriate paperwork and providing proper training are two ways to ensure your construction firm is in fact prepared. OSHA inspectors usually review written HazCom or PPE training materials, any other training documentation, and more. Having this on hand shows that you care about your safety program.

Ergonomics, slips, trips, and falls are all contributors to employee injury, and factors that OSHA takes very seriously. In fact, overexertion is said to be a leading cause of work-related injury. How can construction firms avoid these types of injuries? By designing the job around each individual worker through feasible engineering controls; controls used to remove a hazard or place a barrier between the worker and the hazard.

Are you sure that your construction firm is OSHA compliant? If not, it’s easy to find a lot of helpful information online. For example, OSHA’s website has materials, supplies, handbooks, and articles that will all help to avoid violations during inspections.

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