Top Construction Accidents and How to Prevent Them

Top Construction Accidents and How to Prevent ThemIn our last post, we discussed a recently revealed statistic about construction site accidents in New York City; that at least once a month a pedestrian is injured by falling bricks, hammers, glass, and other objects involved with construction practices. Construction site accidents, however, are not exclusive to NYC, and are certainly not exclusive to pedestrians. This is why it’s imperative to have the right New Jersey Construction Workers Compensation policy in place.

It’s also important to be aware of what the most common construction accidents are so that you can work to prevent these injuries amongst your construction employees, and potentially reduce your risk exposures. The top construction hazards include:

Scaffolding Accidents

These elevated structures are typically situated well above the ground. Scaffolding falls actually account for more than 30% of fatalities in the construction industry. These types of situations can be prevented by ensuring regular maintenance, daily checks of the structural design, checking stability in harsh weather, and limiting the amount of personnel using the equipment at one time.

Machinery Accidents

Construction crews have seen many injuries due to inadequate training on construction machinery, lack of focus, or defective equipment. It’s vital that your crew conducts safety training on all high-speed and sharp motorized equipment as well as any heavy equipment they may be operation.


This is a commonly overlooked workers compensation risk, but it could be a costly one nonetheless. Working in extreme heat can cause mental and physical exhaustion while lifting something too heavy can cause back and leg injuries. All of these can contribute to decreased focus and productivity, eventually leading to a larger injury that the employer can and will be held liable for. Be sure to encourage your workers to stay hydrated and take care of themselves on and off the job to avoid these types of occurrences.

The above mentioned accidents are not the only workers compensation risks construction workers face, however understanding these common exposures could not only help you potentially avoid a claim, but stay OSHA compliant as well.

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