Report Shows Alarming Statistic about Construction Accidents

Report Shows Alarming Statistic about Construction Accidents As reported by New York CBS2, a new report has revealed that New York City construction site accidents happen at the rate of one-per-month. These accidents do not always involve a construction worker, however. This report is speaking to pedestrians, who at least once a month are injured by falling bricks, hammers, or even glass. Accidents such as this greatly increase your construction firms NYC and New Jersey Construction Liability Risks.

We recently reported on the death of a pedestrian who was killed as she walked along an NYC street, when a 4×8 piece of plywood flew off a construction site and struck her, questioning whether the construction firm or the city would be held liable. Construction firms can certainly be held liable in instances such as this, if they’ve provided insufficient barricades or signage, or if they fail to inspect equipment.

According to statistics from the Department of Buildings, 18 construction accidents last year involved pedestrians. According to the Wall Street Journal, this is the highest rate since 2008. Structural architect Joseph Sage speculates that these injuries are on the rise due to workmanship being “lax,” and says that contractors are sometimes cutting corners when it comes to safety.

Sources from the Department of Buildings say that construction site managers are in fact being held responsible for safeguarding their work sites. This means that if your construction actions or lack of actions as the case may be, could be called to question if you are sued due to a pedestrian injury or death.

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