Questions to Ask Before Purchasing your Next Home

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing your Next HomeBuying a home comes with plenty of excitement and reward. Whether it is your second home, a vacation spot, or an upgrade to your current house, there are many steps involved with making such a large purchase. Therefore, in addition to obtaining the proper NJ Homeowners Insurance program to suit your high-value property, be sure to ask the following questions before signing on the dotted line.

About Home recommends asking pertinent questions based on the following three categories:


  1. What is the crime rate in the area? The safety of the home is critical.
  2. What are the comparable prices in the neighborhood? Is the asking price fair? Is the evaluation on the home accurate? If not, you may be able to offer less.
  3. How many offers has the seller received? If there are multiple offers and you love the home, you might want to consider going in above asking price.
  4. How long has the home been listed on the market? If it has been listed for more than 100 days, the seller is probably more likely willing to negotiate on price.

Home’s Condition

  1. When was the home built? If the home is older, check the condition of the roof before you buy!
  2. Are there any foundational or structural issues? These are the most costly to repair. Ask the realtor about its condition and about any repairs that might have already taken place.
  3. Are the walls insulated? This helps to keep heat and cold air in, depending on the season. This will also reduce electrical bills, too!

Location Information              

  1. Are there any commercial or apartment buildings nearby? These tend to lower the value of the homes.
  2. What are the closest schools? This is important for parents and also because great schools increase the value of the neighborhood.
  3. Are there any other factors that could reduce desirability in the area? For example, airports, trains, too much traffic? This could deter buyers, as well.

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