Remodels that Boost Your Home’s Worth

When trying to sell your home, it’s important to boost its worth with some remodeling. According to an article in DIY Network, Matt Blashaw and Nicole Curtis, remodeling experts, mentioned 10 smart home investments. Also, remember to insure your home with New Jersey Homeowners Insurance before starting the process.

  1. Front yard makeover. Try to make your front yard look as fresh as possible with bright flowers for curb appeal. This will make your home stand out in your neighborhood.
  1. Replace your HVAC. Replacing your air unit can bring comfort and money into your living space.
  1. Adding attic insulation. Insulating is an easy and inexpensive update that can keep air in your home.
  1. Update plumbing. When assigning value to a home, an appraiser takes plumbing into consideration. This updating cost is a lot less expensive these days and is important for new owners.
  1. Real-wood floors over laminate. Most people can tell when there’s laminate flooring. Furthermore, real-wood floors are less expensive than engineered ones.
  1. Get rid of wood paneling and popcorn ceilings. This screams old and is not appealing. A modern home look has the higher value.
  1. Better the bathroom. You don’t need to go too extreme as far as remodeling goes. Paint the room, regrout the shower, add crown molding and install new fixtures. Even new light fixtures and a mirror can help brighten up the space.
  1. Basement or attic renovation. Depending on the size of the place, this can really make a difference. For small spaces, an extra room can add to the value. Finish the basement or attic as a living space and follow the right codes to add square footage to the home.
  1. Put your money in the kitchen. This is especially important because home buyers will go there first. Make sure it has a good flow of space and has new stainless steel appliances. If the flow of the space is right, cabinets and flooring come easy.
  1. Brighten up the space. No one really likes dark rooms in a house. Add some light fixtures and if you’re really looking for innovative ways to add light, install dimming light switches.

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