Rough Water Boating Advice

Rough Water Boating AdviceWith the increased swells and El Niño storms, boating this time of year is likely to be choppy and rough. However, just because it’s chilly, that doesn’t mean you have to keep your boat stored away for the winter. Before venturing out for a short day trip for fishing and fun, boat owners need to equip their prized possessions with a comprehensive NJ Boat Insurance Package. Next, follow these expert recommended tips for navigating rough waters.

“Heavy Weather”

How your boat manages “Heavy Weather” does not have to do with the size, but rather is more or less built in during the design and construction of the vessel, says Boat Safe. With that being said, your boat should only be used for its intended purposes to ensure the safety of everyone on board. Further, the body of water has an effect on the types of conditions you will face. For example, deep waters tend to have slow and steady wave growth whereas shallow waters are home to steep, breaking sees. Become familiar with your boat and the types of weather it is capable of handling.

Navigating the Waves

Reduce the speed of your boat when facing moderate waves. Boat Safe also says that if conditions get worse, slow down until you are making bare steerage way and hold your boat at an angle of 45 degrees to the swells. Further, remember that the more you reduce speed, the less strain you will be putting on the hull and superstructure, says the article.

Never Run Parallel to the Waves

This may cause your boat to sway and roll into a dangerous situation. If you find yourself in this positon, change the course to stay at a 45 degree angle – staying broad on your bow. This will prevent broaching.

Running Before the Sea

In other words, if the stern of your boat is directly facing the swells, reconfigure your alignment to be perpendicular to the waves.

While it is ideal to prepare your trips on the sea during clear days, inclement weather cannot always be predicted. Practicing these safety tips and becoming familiar with your boat can help to reduce the risks you face on the water.

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