Recruiting and Retaining Construction Talent

Recruiting and Retaining Construction TalentAs the workforce is pulled in a variety of different directions, the construction industry is struggling to acquire new talent and maintain the existing workers. In fact, a recent Traveler’s survey showed that this issue is the leading business risk concern for the construction industry. In order to combat these challenges, an aggressive employee recruiting and retention plan should be implemented to attract qualified, skilled workers. While these plans take shape, equip your practices with Augusta Business Insurance to safeguard your company.

There are various tools at your disposal for recruiting talent to your business. First, Construction Executive reminds you to take advantage of social media to engage with potential candidates, demonstrate organizational camaraderie, communicate benefits of completed projects, share news and stories, and showcase exciting projects. It is also beneficial to maintain a positive presence at local colleges. Employees should serve as ambassadors for your brand and participate in events hosted by the local universities to entice students to join the industry. Next, consider hiring veterans. The NCCER can help to place hardworking and resourceful ex-military workers to your company.

In order to retain your talented crew and achieve the maximum return on investment, consider the following procedures.

Mentoring Program- This will drive employees to succeed and be inspired by role models in the company. As such, mentors need to be open to helping other workers succeed and establish short and long term goals for them to achieve. Further, a way to measure progress and success should be implemented in addition to establishing development techniques.

Strengthen Leadership- Train, coach, and manage your employees to hone in on their leadership skills. A 365 leadership feedback survey can help identify individual advancement opportunities and determine how your organization’s leadership strategy aligns with its goals.

Promote Employee Engagement- Studies have proven that highly engaged employees are more productive and dedicated to the organization. Promoting these types of employees with a trusting, fair, and positive workplace can ensure your actions align with your business’ values. In turn, employees will be more likely to seek advancement opportunities within your organization.

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