Steps to Reduce Construction Vehicle-Related Accidents

Steps to Reduce Construction Vehicle-Related AccidentsAs the year approaches the seasonal bell curve for accident proneness, it is important to take the proper safety precautions to protect your employees and your business. A combination of factors can jeopardize worker commuter safety including longer daylight hours, altered sleep patterns, and summer tourism traffic. In turn, NJ Workers Compensation claims can increase among your employees. To mitigate loss, experts recommend adhering to the following procedures.

Hold Frequent Staff Meetings- Education on the proper procedures should be enforced regularly. In high-risk work areas such as highway and infrastructure projects, focus is especially critical. Bear in mind that providing job-specific information is much more effective than reading generic safety points off of a text page.

Exercise- Some insurance and construction companies are requiring that their workers exercise as part of advanced safety programs. As the workforce is comprised of an aging crew, this gives the opportunity for them to do warm up and callisthenic exercises prior to starting the job. As a result, workers are more alert and less likely to be involved in a traffic accident.

Hydrate- Especially in warmer months, staying hydrated is essential to safety and job function. According to For Construction Pros, poor hydration is tied to a lack of alertness and concentration, fatigue, and other factors.  Carbonated sodas and energy drinks should be avoided and replaced with water, electrolyte beverages like Gatorade, and citrus drinks.

Defensive Driving- Enforcing proper road safety habits can reduce construction accidents. Drivers should slow before approaching intersections, use turn signals, utilize day lights, avoid backing up whenever possible, or use a spotter if necessary. When the vehicle arrives at the construction destination, warning cones should be placed around the site to notify other drivers. Lastly, ensure your drivers are not texting and driving.

Rig Equipment- The most common injury is workers falling while climbing in and out of the vehicle. To avoid this, consider adding an extra step or a grab rail to the rig.

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