Cyborgs on the Shop Floor: Manufacturing’s Future?

As more technological advancements are made, the process continues to reach the goal of integrating technology and humans seamlessly. While enormous developments have been made, new cyborg technology is being implemented in manufacturing shops to test efficiency and shop floor control. As new progressions continue, manufacturing Business Insurance in NJ can help to shield against added risk exposures in your daily operations.

While some have worried robots will replace plenty of manufacturing jobs in the future, human’s skill, judgment, and problem-solving tactics are required. The use of cyborg technology, which humans control, is simply meant to improve efficiency. While devices such as smartphones and tablets require 100 percent attention from the user, interactive wearable technologies such as Google Glass and similar products, allow hands-free operation. According to CIO, the information system becomes responsible for knowing where you are and what you’re doing and responding with the necessary information, support, and alerts.

Fisher Dynamics, a seating manufacturer, has piloted Plex Google Glass. Google Glass allows human gestures to control information navigation from any location and provides alerts and updates on equipment and identifies worker’s location.

It was quick to become integrated in everyday operations at Fisher Dynamics. This technology has increased efficiency tremendously. Rather than picking up a scanner each time, the materials can be scanned and immediately provide users with real-time data and information about the product. What’s more, Scott Tollafield, Fisher Dynamics’ IT Leader, is seeking to identify more ways in which wearables can be used in the workplace to create a simpler, seamless task completion strategy.

CIO also points out that this technology, along with similar wearable devices, integrate the best of both worlds. While computers are ideal for capturing, storing, and delivering data, humans provide problem solving and flexibility skills.

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