Riding in Winter? Follow These Safety Precautions

Riding in Winter? Follow These Safety PrecautionsJust because it’s winter doesn’t mean every rider is ready to retire their bike to the garage or storage shed. In fact, with the right gear and a few extra safety precautions, you can continue your motorcycling ventures well into the winter. In addition to protecting yourself and your bike on the road, get a customized NJ Motorcycle Insurance policy, here’s how to enjoy your motorcycle in the cold winter months.

First, layer up. Start with a breathable first layer that traps body heat and wicks away sweat. Next, layer a wind and waterproof jacket to prevent moisture buildup and will keep you dry and warm during your ride. However, be sure to wear items that allow a full range of motion so that you can operate the motorcycle safely.

Trap body heat by keeping your hands and head warm is crucial – most body heat escapes there. To seal the gap between jacket and gloves, invest in gauntlet-style gloves. Consider wearing a silk or microfiber layer under your gloves, as well, says Moto USA.

Next, prevent visor fogging that clouds visibility by wearing a half mask inside your helmet. Also, arguably the most important safety feature is identifying the signs of hypothermia. Frozen fingers and toes, uncontrollable shaking, or delayed processing and thinking can indicate the onset on hypothermia, which can be deadly. If you start to experience any of these symptoms, pull over and seek warmth inside or by drinking a hot beverage.

Lastly, using thinner oil during the cold months will improve your bike’s performance, especially during start-up, but check your owner’s manual for recommendations. Some manufacturers recommend only one weight of oil, no matter what the temperature, explains the article.

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