Safety Management in the New Jersey Construction Industry

Safety Management in the New Jersey Construction IndustrySafety Management in the New Jersey Construction Industry

Large machinery, heavy equipment, constantly changing work site; the construction industry is understandably, dangerous. This reason alone should motivate those in the New Jersey construction industry to create and implement a safety management plan that promotes a positive safety culture in the workplace.

Although federal, state and local laws are intended to keep contractors safe, work related injuries and fatalities still occur too often. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the construction industry accounts for 721 fatal work injuries (equivalent to 8.9 deaths per 100,000 full-time workers). Furthermore, this places them second; transportation and warehousing with 733 work related deaths.

Safety should play an integral part in all New Jersey construction companies. Promoting a positive safety culture is only effective if an organization and its peoples are willing to invest time, resources and money. Safety management steps include;

  • Safety committees (that consists of all employees such as, upper management, risk managers, safety directors, etc.) that are dedicated to constructing a safety management plan
  • Committees should also hold bi-annual workshops that outline safety requirement and expectations.
  • An in-depth review is conducted before the start of any project. This should include an evaluation of the specific work site, identification of potential hazards, procuration of applicable risk management procedures, etc.
  • Safety procedures and safe workplace habits are practiced 24/7 and employees are regularly reviewed on safety procedures
  • Accidents are immediately reviewed
  • An open-door policy for workers to report hazards is established
  • Everyone is held accountable
  • Speak with an insurance agency that specializes in risk management for New Jersey contractors

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