Summer Home Maintenance Musts

Summer Home Maintenance MustsSummer is in full swing and it’s the season for BBQ’s, pool parties, and the like. However, before hosting a fun event at your luxury home, it’s time to think about your home’s maintenance needs. Not only will this ensure your home is well taken care of, but it will keep your home ready for visitors all year round. More importantly, however, is securing the right New Jersey High-Value Homeowners Insurance to secure your assets.

AC tune-up.

The last thing you want in the dead of summer is for your AC to stop working. According to She Knows, the tune up is used to inspect refrigerant levels, which is important for your AC to keep running cool and keep your summer electric bills low, as well as to ensure your fan is functioning well, your coils are thoroughly cleaned and there are no potential fire hazards with faulty wiring. Furthermore, consider changing your filters monthly if you use your AC on a regular basis to keep it working smoothly.

Clean the gutters.

Leaves and debris can cause blockage and leaks. Regularly cleaning out your gutters can prevent this. Wait until the flowers have bloomed and the seeds have started to blow off to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned.

Pool maintenance.

Make sure to have the appropriate chemicals  and add water if needed. Be sure to check your pool’s pumps. In addition, allow at least a week of chemical treatment to settle into the water before attempting to get in to prevent chemical burn.

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