The Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program

The Benefits of a Workplace Wellness ProgramThere are many positive potential results from implementing a workplace wellness program. A strong, comprehensive program can, over time, produce significant benefits, one of the most important being an overall increase in employee satisfaction. But how else can a workplace wellness program benefit your business as a whole?

Fewer Absences

People who are physically healthy miss fewer days of work, and employers have been able to greatly reduce absences after implementing a wellness program. Simply getting people to exercise or improve their lifestyle can make a huge difference. Those who get moderate exercise regularly miss 18 percent fewer work days, while strenuous exercisers miss 32 percent fewer workdays.

Improved Productivity

Research suggests that employee productivity is where workplace wellness programs produce the greatest returns. Almost every worker can improve in overall health and fitness to some extent, and better health results in greater energy and productivity.

Imagine what a functional, maybe even fun, workplace you could have if your employees were more fit and healthy. Healthy employees not only function better at work, but bounce back faster if they do get sick or injured. You  could possibly even save on having to hire more staff in order to make up for the less healthy and productive ones.

Each employee’s value extends far beyond any single day’s outcome. An employee with a positive attitude, vital physical state, and optimal physical and mental effort can boost the morale, drive, and productivity of the entire office.

Employees at small to medium size businesses with wellness programs report that they’re working harder, performing better, and are motivated to stay with the company. Managers claim that wellness programs improve workplace morale, possibly stemming from the fact that employees are feeling better all around and sense their employer is interested in them as individuals.

Overall Payoff

No matter how much it costs to institute a wellness program, it will be worthwhile if the returns are high enough. Numerous studies have found a positive return on investment for employers incorporating wellness programs. The goal is to protect your business from potential loss.

It is important to note that different types of industries will get different results. But even if your wellness program  merely breaks even, you’ll come out ahead. You’ll have offered a workplace benefit that was essentially free, while boosting morale, reducing the chance of unpleasant interactions between sick or unhappy employees, and given employees a chance to make changes that they can benefit from for the rest of their life.

As you work on developing your New Jersey business’s workplace wellness program, make sure you’ve cleared all aspects of it with your business insurance agent. The last thing you want is to incur additional liabilities in your efforts to improve workplace wellness and satisfaction.

Come back next week for our blog on the best components to include in a workplace wellness program!

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