The Best Components to Include in a Workplace Wellness Program

The Best Components to Include in a Workplace Wellness ProgramAs we discussed in our last blog post, a workplace wellness program has a number of benefits, including reduced absenteeism and increased productivity and overall satisfaction. Are you looking to implement a workplace well-being and wellness program, but don’t quite know where to start? Fortunately, there is a simple formula for program development. With adequate planning, your employees could become more actively engaged.

Develop Health-Related Policies

The best programs will have clear principles that identify priorities, guide program design and direct resource allocation.

Evaluate what currently exists and what policies can affect your own program. The program must reflect a comprehensive view of health that not only addresses physical needs but also behavioral, mental and overall well-being.

Note that workplaces vary according to many different factors such as size, location and resources. Employees differ based on age, physical and mental abilities, education and health practices. Successful wellness programs acknowledge diversity. One program will not be right for everyone in an organization, so programs should be flexible to meet everyone’s needs.

Ensure that you have created a work environment that is truly health-focused. Promoting a healthy office environment shows your dedication to the program. 

Support Good Health

Develop a health-focused culture. A healthy company culture is built by integrating a total health model into all aspects of the business. This means a focus on health in the areas of career, emotional, financial, physical and social well-being.

Making a commitment with words is important, but demonstrating it with actions is crucial to the success of your program. By encouraging leaders to communicate this dedication to the health and well-being program widely, the workforce will notice and incorporate it into their own approach to work. Keep in mind that is may be impossible to keep everyone happy all the time.  

Encourage Active Participation

Staff who are trained and motivated can be the champions of the program who will encourage others to participate. Make sure that all participants know what they’re doing and why. Provide periodic updates to the leadership and the workforce and create data-driven reports to gauge the program’s success. Accountable leaders will significantly impact lower levels of the organization.

Create an evaluation plan before starting the program so you can collect data at different times. Critical evaluation of the program is necessary to ensure its success.

As a final note, before implementing a workplace wellness program, make sure that your New Jersey business has a comprehensive business insurance program and that you’ve thoroughly assessed your wellness initiatives for any possible liabilities.

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