The Role of NYC Construction Insurance in the Manufacturing Industry

The Role of NYC Construction Insurance in the Manufacturing IndustryThe Role of NYC Construction Insurance in the Manufacturing Industry

In late 2013, a construction company was faced with quite a dilemma when the 78-unit apartment building they were erecting collapsed, taking the wall of the business next door with it. This business was Weather-Rite, which ironically is a manufacturing plant that makes commercial heating and cooling equipment and supplies construction and HVAC companies nationwide with the materials they need to complete their jobs.

In the case of Weather-Rite, they suffered a major business interruption, and caused their customers to delay their own jobs. It’s unreported whether or not they had appropriate insurance coverage for their loss; however this situation begs the question of “who is liable?”

Does NYC Construction Insurance play a role in the manufacturing industry? How much can construction affect how a manufacturing plant operates? Though outside forces caused the aforementioned business interruption, it is possible to run into obstacles with the construction of a manufacturing plant itself.

There is a huge importance for NYC Construction Insurance coverage as a risk management tool, especially in large scale construction projects such as a manufacturing plant. NYC Construction Insurance can provide coverage for material, risks, natural disasters, and employees. Another important addition is NYC Builders Risk Insurance, which is designed to protect your operation during the course of construction.

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