Tri-State Business Insurance: Does Doodling Improve Productivity?

Tri-State Business Insurance: Does Doodling Improve Productivity?
Tri State Insurance Does Doodling Improve Productivity

Have you ever been in a long meeting or listening in on a conference call when your mind started to wander and your pen began to meander across your note pad? If you are like most professionals, the answer is yes. Whether it’s repetitively signing your name or drawing in the margins, doodling is a habit that many professionals fall into when they’re processing information. Doodles, as defined by researchers, are spontaneous marks that can take many forms. Ranging from abstract patterns and designs to detailed images of objects, landscapes, figures and faces, doodles inherently unique to their maker and offer insight into their mental state. Doodling is not always the crafting of images or patterns, some individuals doodle by repeating, retracing or altering words, letters and phrases.

While often dismissed as a waste of time or distraction, recent research has shown that doodling can be a successful retention tool and improve the performance of many workers. Researchers suggest that doodling may help the brain maintain a baseline of activity in the cerebral cortex during times where outside stimuli are insufficient, absent or overwhelming. Recent studies across many fields including neuroscience, psychology and design, show that doodling can positively impact the ways in which workers process information, creatively solve problems and overcome challenges. Research also shows that doodling can help worker’s improve their focus, process new ideas and concepts, and retain more information.

While doodling may be helpful in many workplace scenarios, there are also times when it can hinder an employee’s performance and retention. According to one study conducted by the University of British Columbia, doodling can actually impede retention of visual input because it can split a worker’s visual processing ability between two similar tasks.

Productivity, innovation and creativity are essential elements of any business, and it would appear that doodling can help keep workers at the top of their game and businesses at peak performance. At Provident Protection Plus Insurance Agency we believe in creative business solutions and problem solving. That’s why our Tri-State Insurance specialists approach risk management by tailoring tri-state business insurance plans and services specifically to the needs of our clients. We offer a broad range of commercial insurance products, from business auto to specialized additions that can help ensure that your business is protected from the ground up. To find out how to obtain the best Tri-State Insurance in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area, give us a call today at (888) 990-0526.