Winterizing Your Boat: Recommendations for Harsh Weather

Winterizing Your Boat Recommendations for Harsh WeatherAs the cold winter months approach, the bitter weather continues to set in. As a boat owner, there are some tips you should take in order to protect you vessel during this season. To ensure you are prepared and your valuables are protected, equip yourself with New Jersey Boat Insurance.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services states that marine engines stores in cold regions require winterization procedures to eliminate internal water freezing that results in the expansion of metal parts within the engine. To mitigate this issue, consider the following tips.

Winterization Products- Ethylene glycol and propylene glycol are commonly used products that effectively protect your engine during harsh winter months. These products should be used to flush and coat the engine so as to prevent build up or rusting during the off seasons. Another tip: propylene glycol is less environmentally aversive in terms of marina safety and is recommended over the alternative.

Protect Against Rusting- Idle parts of the engine are susceptible to rust and corrosion during the winter. As it has similar consequences as freezing parts, a corrosion inhibitor should be used on those parts, particularly the engine.

Fogging Oil- This oil should be used to lubricate cylinders, the carburetor, and spark plugs to prevent rusting in storage.

Make Repairs- If you wait to make necessary repairs during the warmer months, the repair shops will be inundated with customers. However, take advantage of the slow season and make any repair necessary prior to storing your boat.

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