Leading Work Behaviors that Lead to Construction Accidents

Leading Work Behaviors that Lead to Construction AccidentsAs workers’ compensation costs are increasing, workplace safety is a top priority among employers of all types. While safety programs can help reduce Construction Liability, there are some lesser known concerns that can have dangerous consequences. The following four behaviors commonly result in accidents and should be recognized immediately.

Rushing- Rushing undoubtedly reduces the quality of work. As workers might feel pressured to complete projects on time or early, they are more likely to rush through their tasks. Keeping an eye on employees and project progression on Fridays and holiday weekends is especially important as more rushing accidents tend to occur during these times.

Frustration- While this is a common state of mind in the workplace, being able to manage and resolve issues can help to reduce the frequency of this mindset. Employees can get frustrated at poor procedures, bad communication, wrong or insufficient materials or problems at home, so hiring employees who can control their emotions is a valuable practice to any company, says On Site Safety.

Fatigue- This can result in a lack of productivity and performance. What’s more, the effects of fatigue can have similar consequences on someone as being intoxicated. This is more likely to occur in extreme weather and immense stress. To reduce the risk, have employees leave after the scheduled shift to prevent overexertion.

Complacency- Especially for those with ample experience, workers tend to become complacent and believe themselves to be impervious to harm. In other words, their experience leads to a false sense of security. Some critical errors that result from this mindset include losing traction, balance, or grip, walking into the line of fire, and not focusing on the task at hand, according to OSHA.

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