Caring for Expensive Jewelry: Taking it Off

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Caring for Expensive Jewelry: Taking it OffPart of enjoying your beautiful luxurious jewelry is knowing when to take it off. It might be the perfect complement to your outfit, but affluent jewelry has no place during outdoor activities. In this second installment of our article series on properly caring for your jewelry collection, we’ll explore the scenarios that are best suited for leaving those pieces at home. Give yourself some peace of mind by protecting your valuable assets with a Bergen County Jewelry Insurance policy, as well.

Avoid chlorine.

According to The Study, if possible, avoid contact between jewelry and chlorine completely. Chlorine (and other chemicals and minerals frequently used in pools) can change the sheen or finish on your gems. And over time, they can cause more serious corrosion that contributes to the breakdown of precious metals and stones.  If contact with the elements or chlorine cannot be avoided, always rinse jewelry post-swim with fresh, lukewarm water. Mild detergent soap or ammonia may be added too.

Avoid saltwater.

Coral, turquoise and rose gold can absorb salt, causing the luster of the jewel to diminish. If you’re going to the beach, leave your jewels at home to prevent them from rotting from the inside out.

Avoid working out.

Sweat and other natural body oils can turn silver bands and jewelry black over time and with prolonged exposure. Take off jewelry before doing any strenuous physical activity.

Avoid sand.

Sand — which is comprised of silica, the same substance used to make glass — can cause scratching and abrasions on metals and stones. Remember to remove rings and any other jewelry that will come in contact with sand as it can scratch metals and cause wear and tear too.

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