Protecting Valuable Gifts This Holiday Season

Protecting Valuable Gifts This Holiday SeasonWith the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to get your last minute shopping done. While you might want to buy extravagant gifts for your loved ones, protecting them and ensuring they get into the right hands is just as important. In addition to securing a Passaic County High Value Homeowners Insurance policy, heed the following advice for protecting your valuable gifts.

Expensive jewelry and electronics can be assessed and insured to make sure that, should they be lost or stolen, at least their monetary value is recoverable, explains Sky Emporium. While many people believe their homeowners insurance covers all of their personal belongings, there are exceptions. For example, if you have many affluent items and their value exceeds the coverage limit listed on your policy, you would be on the hook for supplying the difference if they were lost or stolen. Therefore, a high-value home insurance policy is required.

Next, avoid placing electronics and other valuable items within plain sight of windows and doors. Leaving a brand-new TV in the living room while you run out to do errands can pique the interest of a potential burglar. Keep these items stowed away in a closet or a closed off room to deter these would-be thieves.

Lastly, require a signature when you are shipping expensive gifts. This will prevent your gift getting into the wrong person’s hands. If you plan on having many of your gifts delivered, consider having them sent to your office rather than your home if you won’t be there.

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